About US
Standard Trade Finance has redefined the role of trade financier by combining financial solutions with our experience in logistics, getting for the client more flexibility, speed, and less red tape than banks. International trade finance and general trade issues are our specialties.

After years of work, we have developed a consortium of banks and credit lines that we leverage on behalf our clients. We provide funding to clients through letters of credit, Bank Guarantees, Standby Letter of Credit, etc.
We go above and beyond the services offered by banks which have strict requirements that most small and medium size businesses can’t reasonably meet by operating under a more flexible business model that allows us to provide financing for transactions that would be out of customer's reach.

Our clients have the benefit of using our banking network to help them meet their own financial needs. Our commitment to overseeing each transaction has provided our clients with countless savings and insured that even the most complex deals are successfully completed. This advisory capacity sets us apart from other financiers, especially banks. It’s in our best interests to give you the best advice because our own profitability is determined by your success. We are committed to helping you increase working capital while reducing your risk so you can concentrate on your business. No matter what your business needs, our financial strategies are custom tailored to help you grow.
Our years of expertise handling international trade transactions coupled with our financial resources make us an ideal financial provider for manufacturers or importers looking to grow. Though we don’t share ownership, helping our clients’ success through our advice and attention to details of your business. Unlike banks, we get in the middle of a transaction with our clients, and do what needs to be done to finish the job. You get the benefits of having a reliable partner without the risks and costs of sharing your capital.